Tennis Menace:  World's Largest Selection of Tennis Equipment


Tennis Menace has the World's Largest Selection of Tennis Equipment. While carrying the products that are in current production, we specialize in Rare, Hard to find, products, not available from other souces. Racquets made by manufacturers such as Yamaha, Donnay S.A. of Belgium, Puma, Estusa, and Wimbledon, who are no longer in business, and many of the older models by those manufacturers still in business today. The same holds true for our huge selection of Strings & Grips. Not just offering those in current production, but also those that may be Discontinued & Impossible to Find!

Along with this huge selection of Racquets, we also have Grommets for almost every racquet ever made. While other dealers tell you, "Not Available", & "Time for a new racquet", Tennis Menace can put almost any racquet back in play.

Unbelieveable but true! NAME YOUR OWN PRICE! on Tennis Racquets listed with their prices in GREEN. E-mail us at "" with your offers on racquets. We will answer you via e-mail. Make your offer REALISTIC, so you have a chance of it being accepted. You can also NAME YOUR OWN PRICE on Large Quantities of STRING!

Special Offer. Spend $199.95 or more including the purchase of any STRUNG TENNIS RACQUET and get FREE ($19.95 value) Gamma Hi-RiseBall Hopper (75 Ball Capacity). Picks up balls & then stands up, so you can practice your serving tecnique. The entire order will be shipped in ONE box. No split shipments are allowed. The Hopper must be included in the submitted order. Not valid on previous orders, or on racquets priced in RED.

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