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Tennis Menace has the World's Largest Selection of Pro Tennis Equipment. It's quite easy to carry products that are in current production, just like all of our competitors, we however specialize in Rare, Hard to Find Products, not often available from other sources. Racquets from manufacturers such as Yamaha, Donnay S.A. of Belgium, Puma, Estusa, Wimbledon, along with many older models by those manufacturers still in business today. We have an extensive selection of Fairway Grips from "THE ORIGINAL" Balmforth of England, rather than those inferior remakes our competitors are forced to sell. The same holds true for our huge selection of Strings. We have not only those that are in current production, but also offer many varieties that are Discontinued & Impossible to Find elsewhere!

Tennis Menace has the worlds largest inventory of replacement Grommets, for almost every Tennis racquet that has ever been made. While other dealers tell you, "Not Available", & "Time for a new racquet", Tennis Menace can put almost any racquet back in play.

Tennis Menace, will always make every effort to provide you with not only the best PRICE but also the best SERVICE. Our HOURS of OPERATION, "8am til Midnight/365" are significantly longer than any of our competitors, and we pledge to always make every effort to provide a better price. Just ASK.

We are no longer listing the current models of TENNIS RACQUETS, for an important reason. We are forced by the manufacturers to list their Minimum Advertised Prices, on all of their current products that we even mention on our site. Those same prices you see from all the other dealers selling them online. Since we are willing to sell them for less, but are not allowed to mention that, we have decided to simply "No Longer Play That Game". YOU will thus come out the winner as you will get a lowest price, simply by asking. Just send us an e-mail, with all details as to the racquet model, the grip size required & the quantity desired. We will be able to provide an even better overall price if you also have the racquet strung by us, so specify the desired stringing details as well. You won't be disappointed.

Special Offer. Spend $199.95 or more, including the purchase of any STRUNG TENNIS RACQUET and get FREE ($19.95 value) Gamma Hi-Rise Ball Hopper (75 Ball Capacity). Picks up balls & then stands up, so you can practice your serving technique. The entire order must ship in ONE box. No split shipments are allowed. You pay the additional shipping The request for a Hopper must be included in the submitted order. Not valid on previous orders.

Be sure to visit our newly expanded Tennis Clothing and Footwear page. Almost everything, is clearance priced, including our Old School Men's Shorts. The page is constantly being updated, & additional products are added daily, as fast as we can photograph the items. Check out our huge selection of Tennis UNDERWEAR. Our stock of ( long out of business) Keddie Kreations, & many Fancy (Discontinued) "PRINTS" from Fancy Pants, is extensive.

Have a technical question about any product, or for that matter about anything TENNIS? Tennis Menace will take the time to answer your questions, regardless of how long we are on the phone with you. When you call, you are not speaking to an order taker, but to the owner, a degree'd engineer who will take all the time you need, to answer your questions.

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