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Frequently Asked Questions.

Accepted Methods of Payment:

We accept (U.S. issued Visa, M.C., Disc., Amex,) Venmo, U.S. Postal M.O., Wire & Paypal*.
We may require a specific payment method for some orders, which is at our discretion.
International Orders have somewhat limited payment options available.
"Ironclad Security" is our Goal. In order to provide that "Security"
upon receipt of your order, we'll send you an e-mail invoice. Upon
approval you can contact use or we can contact you for payment

Orders shipped via UPS or U.S.P.S. PRIORITY MAIL with Insurance. Depending on order, an adult signature may be required on Delivery. Undeliverable shipments incur the costs of the roundtrip shipping. Costs incurred for Custom Racquet Work, Stringing, Gripping or any special order merchandise not refundable. We may issue store credit.

No warranties other than the manufacture's are expressed or implied. We do stand behind what we sell & we have an unblemished reputation. All damage claims must, must be made within 24 hrs. of receiving. Note that our policies may supercede credit card issuer policies. Exceptions to the above will be made only at our sole discretion.

We're authorized dealers for all listed products, exception Babolat. Some manufactures may no longer be in business.

All approved returns must be in the same condition as when we sold it. Return Authorization are required, and must be requested by buyer. All Returns are subject to inspection & possibly 15% restocking fee.

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Do you understand and agree to all of our terms, as they are specified above, as well as the terms included on our Frequently Asked Questions Page, including that depending upon the $ amount of the order, in the case of high value orders, someone may be required to sign for the delivery upon its arrival, if it was paid for with a credit card?
You are also aware of the the possibility of there being restocking fee's in the case of returned items?

Please proof-read information above for accuracy before continuing

Use the box below to list desired items. Be Specific & double check for accuracy! If ordering a racquet, include Head & Grip Size. If ordering string: Type, Gauge, Color & Tension.

Tennis Menace will send an e-mail conformation that we've received your order. We will quote the cost of the available items you have ordered, along with the cost of insured shipping & handling to your location. We will provide the payment options available to you as well. You may pay via Venmo (PERSONAL PAYMENTS ONLY) or you may contact us to pay with a Credit Card or Paypal. We've noticed a significant percentage of our responses end up in customers SPAM FILTERS, demonstrating how deficient they are at determining whiat is bonafide mail & what is Junk. If you do not get a timely response from us, check your spam filter. We hope you will reconsider their use when and if you find our response there. We operate between the hours of 8:00 AM & Midnight (Eastern), 7 days a week, Phone (678) 787-1606 . If you get voicemail, "please" call us back, rather than leaving a message, as the voicemail can't handle the volume & newer messages simply record over the older ones, so we never receive them. You can also e-mail us at ""